Friday, February 3, 2017

The Dodos

I would suggest this band to anyone who likes folk/pop/acustic music. This band consists of two members who are Meric Long and Logan Kroeber. The Dodos were founded in 2006 and released their first album, Beware Of The Maniacs, the same year. Then they released their second album, Visiter, in 2008. For their third release, Long and Kroeber collaberated with electric vibraphonist Keaton Snyder and producer Phil Ek and produced the album Time To Die, in 2009. For 2011's album No Color, they teamed up with Neko Case as a supporting vocalist to produce an album similar to the Visiter album. They finished their 5th album Carrier, in 2013. Their most recent ablum individ, was released in January of 2015, and focused on music similar to their album Visiter. With Long's unique dry voice and Kroeber's unique style of drumming, this band blends together very well and is one of my favorites of all time.Image result for the dodos


  1. I didn't know you could mix folk and pop music

  2. I liked that you put the names of the albums in your post. ~HMP

  3. Nice, and well structured. This post is very informative. 11/10. N.K